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Appellate Decisions

Appellate Decisions

We not only try cases, but also go forward if necessary into courts of appeal. Listed below are cases where we have represented persons before the Missouri Court of Appeals, the Missouri Supreme Court, the United States Courts of Appeals for the Eighth and Tenth Circuits, and the United States Supreme Court. Our clients are shown in italics.

State v. Beaver, 621 S.W. 2d 361 (Mo. App. 1981)

State v. Fincher, 655 S.W. 2d 54 (Mo. App. 1983)

State v. Hendrix, 667 S.W. 2d 38 (Mo. App. 1984)

Pittman v. Reynolds, 679 S.W. 2d 892 (Mo. App.1984)

Gordon v. State, 684 S.W. 2d 888, (Mo. App. 1985)

Simpson by Simpson v. Revco Drug Centers of Mo., Inc., 702 S.W. 2d 482 (Mo. App. 1985)

Berns Bros. v. Keller, 703 S.W. 2d 507 (Mo.App.1985)

K.S. v. M.N.W., 713 S.W. 2d 858 (Mo. App. 1986)

In Re Adelman [The Bar Committee of the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit], 734 S.W. 2d 509 (Mo. 1987)

Fogarty v. J.C. Penney Co., Inc., 736 S.W. 2d 443 (Mo. App. 1987)

Hollingsworth v. Quick, 770 S.W. 2d 291 (Mo.App 1989)

Tyler by and through Tyler v. Housing Authority of Kansas City, 781 S.W. 2d 110 (Mo. App. 1989)

Palcher v. J.C. Nichols Co., 783 S.W. 2d 166 (Mo. App 1990)

Turner v. Norfolk Western Railway Co., 785 S.W. 2d 569 (Mo. App. 1990)

T.S. [Guardian Ad Litem] v. P.S., 797 S.W. 2d 837 (Mo. App. 1990)

Nelson v. Fields, 837 S.W. 2d 542 (Mo. App. 1992)

Huey v. Sullivan, M.D., 971 F. 2d 1362 (8th Cir.1992)

Ruffin v. City of Clinton, 849 S.W. 2d 108 (Mo. App. 1993)

Williams v. Fermenta Animal Health Co., 984 F. 2d 261 (8th Cir. 1993) and 992 F. 2d 192 (8th Cir. 1993)

Frasure v. Lawrence A. Jones Mortuary, 867 S.W. 2d 538 (Mo. App. 1994)

Kennedy v. Milligan, 915 S.W. 2d 784 (Mo. App.1996)

Lam v. Curators, 122 F. 3d 654 (8th Cir. 1997)

Lockwood v. Jackson County, 951 S.W. 2d 354 (Mo. App. 1997)

Lopez-Vizcaino v. Action Bail Bonds, Inc., 3 S.W. 3d 891 (Mo. App. W.D. 1999)

Havrum v. United States of America, 204 F. 3d 815 (8th Cir. 2000)

Jenee Watson v. Richard Parker, 313 F. 3d 1267 (10th Cir. 2002), cert. denied.

Auto Owners (Mutual) Insurance v. Sugar Creek Memorial Post 3976, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, Inc., Monica Sweet and Douglas Sweet, 123 S.W. 3d 183 (Mo. App. W.D. 2003)

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