Kansas City Injury Attorneys Warn Drivers of the Perils of Short Trips

For so many of us, the holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year. There are so many things to do and places to be that we find ourselves running here and running there. The good news is that the vast majority of these trips are of a short duration—not more than a few miles from home. However, the bad news is that due to the weather and the traffic at this time of year, even a short mileage trip can take a long time. So often we spend more time getting to and from our destination than we do actually at our destination. Most of us see these quick trips a necessary evil of the season, but could they be more?

You may have heard, but it is a good time for a refresher, that most car accidents happen within 25 miles of a person’s home. So while driving across the country may sound more dangerous, a person is more likely to be involved in an accident closer to home. In other words, short car trips can pose a hazard. Now, it is also true that there is no real way to escape the never-ending to-do list of car trips this time of year. I mean, you cannot exactly stop going to the grocery store or taking your daughter to dance practice or your son to piano lessons, or from attending your company’s holiday party or your best friend’s New Year’s Eve party, right? Even though you cannot stop going, you can make this trips a bit safer by understanding what makes short mileage trips accident prone.

Part of the reason close to home trips are ripe with accidents, is the simple fact that most of our time spent behind the wheel is on these shorter trips. However, that is not the only reason. Experts also believe that a reason accidents happen closer to home is because motorists feel comfortable driving in familiar surroundings. In truth, many of the place we drive on these shorter trips, we could do on auto-pilot—and there lies part of the problem. When drivers are so comfortable with the route, they sometimes rely more on muscle memory, allowing their brain to think of other things, like what they need to once they reach their destination or what is next on that never-ending holiday to-do list.

One simple solution to make your shorter trips safer is to focus on the road. Pretend like your trip to the grocery store is a new destination. Pay attention and stay alert. Another tip is to buckle up! Accidents do not happen just on freeways at 60+ mph. So make it a habit to buckle up before you even start your car. If buckling up is not a habit your regularly engage in—add it to your list of New Year’s resolutions.

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