Kansas City Injury Attorneys Warn Thanksgiving Travelers to Stay Alert

Thanksgiving is a holiday where what you eat is almost as important as whom you eat it with. Most often, it is a day for families to spend the day together. So unless you are hosting this year’s celebration, you will probably need to travel to the big event. When it comes to Thanksgiving travel, you could leave the driving to someone else and purchase a ticket for a train, plane or a bus. However, each year, the majority of Americans choose to drive. Moreover, if you are like over 30 million Americans, your drive to the T-Day feast will take you at least 50 miles from home. Before you head out, do yourself and your family a favor that they will thank you forever, and that is to prioritize safe driving and never to drive drowsy.

Just before Thanksgiving is a good time to remember to think about the dangers of driving drowsy because it is the kick off to the holiday season and a time when most people are starting to feel a bit overwhelmed. When people get busy, the first thing they tend to give up is sleep. Too little sleep because their schedules are filled to the brim with holiday-related items or inability to sleep because they are stressing about their holiday to-do list. Either way, the holidays often leave drivers sleep deprived at a time when the roadways are at their busiest and the days are shorter and darker earlier—not a good combination!

Drowsy driving may not sound all that risky to some people, being tired while at the wheel is a huge safety concern. A driver that is drowsy is much like a driver that is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Fatigue affects various parts of a driver’s ability to safely operate a vehicle. For example, drivers who are tired are less able to pay attention the road and recognize roadway hazards. A drowsy driver also has slower reaction times. In other words, a fatigued driver may not realize that a lane is ending or another driving is merging in front of him or her. Fatigue also interferes with a driver’s ability to react, whether that be needing to brake suddenly, blow the horn, or make a quick tactical maneuver.

The good news is that there are ways to prevent drowsy driving. Sure, the obvious answer is for every driver to get more sleep. However, even simple things, like keeping a bedtime routine can help. Try to go to sleep at the same time every evening and wake at about the same time every morning. If you have to drive and become drowsy, it is important to realize you have options. Pull over and if you do not think you can make it to your destination safely, consider an overnight stay at a hotel. Also, try not drive at times when your body is usually asleep. Breaking up the drive into two days may take a bit longer, it can also make for a fun road trip!

If your loved one was seriously injured or killed after being involved in a car crash with a drowsy driver, it is important to contact an experienced Kansas City Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Attorney right away. The seasoned Kansas City Injury Attorneys at Hubbard & Kurtz, L.L.P. will evaluate your case and determine whether you hold another party liable for your injuries and suffering. Our team of skilled Attorneys is prepared to fight until justice has been served. Trust the Kansas City Personal Injury Attorneys at Hubbard & Kurtz, L.L.P. to work for you, just as they have worked for countless injury victims around the area, both in Kansas and Missouri. To schedule a consultation with one of our compassionate Injury Attorneys, contact Hubbard & Kurtz, L.L.P. today at (816) 472-4673.


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