Kansas City Personal Injury Attorneys Offer Tips to Prevent Young Pedestrian Accidents

Your children are your world. You will do anything in your power to keep them safe. However, as a parent, it is not an easy job. It can be tough to protect a child in every possible scenario. Parents are always trying to do their best, but sometimes children still get hurt. Since walking or riding a bike is the main mode of transportation for young children, it is important that parents and caregivers be aware of the dangers and how to prevent pedestrian accidents. In 2015, one in every five children, age 14 and younger, who were killed in traffic accidents were pedestrians. Most children injured or killed in pedestrian accidents were near their own home, on their own street, and even in their very own driveway. To help make your child a safe pedestrian and reduce their risk of being in an accident, remember these safety tips:

  1. Never let a young child cross the street alone. Small children, especially preschool age and younger, should always be supervised and have their hand held when crossing the street.
  1. Do not allow children to play in driveways or in or near the street. Young children are impulsive and are often not able to appreciate the dangerous nature of their actions. For example, one minute a child is playing a game of kick the ball, and then next minute the ball is rolling into the street, which often sends the child into the street to catch the ball. For this reason, it is best for children to play away from streets whenever possible. Driveways are also dangerous places for children to play as vehicles can enter at any time. If your child is playing in the driveway, put up a blockade so cars cannot enter.
  1. Teach your children the right way to cross the street. Learning to cross the street is an important safety lesson. First, talk with your child at home about how to cross the street and why not doing so the right way can be dangerous. Then, take your child for a walk and show them how to cross the street. Be sure to point out the following steps:
  • Stop at the curb.
  • Always cross at the corner or a crosswalk.
  • Look and listen for cars.
  • Look left, look right and then back left again to make sure the road is clear
  • If you see a car, then wait and when you think it is clear, repeat the look three times.
  • Remind children even if the walk signal is present, that they must still look to make sure a car is not turning.
  • Walk, not run across the street.
  1. Set a good example. Be a good role model when you are crossing the street with your child. Follow all the above rules and point out to your child the steps that you are taking to be safe. You can also point on when you see any pedestrian doing something that is not safe.

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