Kansas City Personal Injury Attorneys Bust Top Motorcycle Safety Myths

If you repeat something often enough, even if it is not true, the thought is that people will start to believe it. This is how myths often begin. Myths usually begin quite innocently but can have dangerous consequences when people take the information as the truth and then act upon it. Trying to separate fact from fiction is not always easy because a myth often makes sense on some level, if the though the logic may be flawed. Myths are quite prevalent. For example, just ask a bunch of motorcyclists about accidents and safety, and you are bound to hear quite a few mistaken beliefs about motorcycle safety. To keep you safe on your motorcycle, it is important that you can separate can weed out the myths. The following are some of the most common myths and why they are just plain wrong:

  1. It is safer to ride on streets or roads than on the highway.

A common misconception is that a biker is safer on the smaller roads and streets compared to a busy highway because everyone is traveling at much slower speeds. While it is true that drivers are traveling at much slower rates on city streets, the truth is controlled-access highways are the much safer spot for bikers. On a highway, traffic is all headed in one direction and traveling at roughly the same speed. Also, there are no dangerous intersections, pedestrians, and less roadside obstacles on a highway.

  1. A big bike is a good bike for a beginner rider.

Wrong! A big bike is not only more difficult to maneuver in tight spots like parking lots and sharp turns, but it is also heavy! A large bike can weigh more than 700 pounds. Large bikes also require a certain finesse that new riders just do not have. If you are unsure as to what bike is best for you, consult with a pro before buying.

  1. You are safe to ride after just one beer.

The fact of the matter is that studies have shown that even though a person may feel just fine after one alcoholic beverage, his or her reaction times are not as fast as when sober. Riding a motorcycle requires a great deal of coordination, much more so than driving a car. A rider must be able to balance, break, steer, counter steer, and clutch shift all while riding defensively. Any amount of alcohol is dangerous and can even be deadly to a biker.

  1. Bikers only wear leather gear to look tough.

If a rider is in a crash, the only thing to protect them is his or her gear. While typical biker gear typically includes leather clothing, the reason is not that it looks cool or tough. The biggest reason bikers wear leather is that the material is tough. Leather gear protects a rider’s skin in case of a crash. Street jeans, while they may also look cool, do not afford a rider any protection from abrasion. Leather, on the other hand, affords the most abrasion resistance.

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