Kansas City Personal Injury Attorneys Discuss Dog Bite Prevention Tips

You can tell it is summer because everyone is outside enjoying the warm the weather. The longer days implore people to spend as much time as possible outdoors. Quickly days are filled with family picnics and barbecues, long walks to the ice cream shop, and trips to the park. There is just something about summer that begs us to be more carefree and just let kids be kids! However, while the summer season should contain a good amount of “rest and relaxation” it is also a time when parents need to be on alert as sadly summer is also dog bite season.

While dog bites are not limited to any particular season, summer time tends to see more than its fair share of dog bites. In fact, more than half of all dog bites happen in the summer months with the highest spike often occurring in August. According to dog experts, events like large gatherings which can be great fun for adults and children can be quite stressful for dogs. This is why it is important for all parents to understand the importance of teaching their children how to interact appropriately with dogs. Even a usually friendly dog can become irritable in the heat or when it feels crowded. By teaching your children to follow the rules, you can help reduce the likelihood of them being bitten by a dog:

  1. Ask before you pet. Teach your child to never pet a dog without first asking the owner’s permission first. It is important to ask, even when the dog is on a leash being held the owner, because the dog may be irritable, old, or may not like small children.
  2. Allow the dog to sniff you. Make sure that your child understands the importance of letting the dog sniff his or her hand before he or she tries to pet the dog.
  3. Never touch a dog without its owner present. Even if your child has pet a dog in the past, it is important for him or her never to pet the dog without the owner present. Children are often tempted to stick their hands through a fence to pet a familiar dog, which can cause the dog to become territorial.
  4. Do not touch or approach a dog that is eating or sleeping. Even a very friendly dog can feel threatened if it is approached when it is eating or sleeping.
  5. Use gentle touch. Small children are often excited at the sight of a dog. Make sure your that your child uses a gentle touch and does not pull or tug on the dog’s ears or tail.
  6. Do not run past a dog. It is important to never run past a dog, as the dog may think the child wants to play and begin to chase the child. Teach your child if he or she is being chased by a dog to be calm and stop running. If the dog knocks the child down, he or she should curl up into a ball with his or her hands protecting their face.

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