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Kansas City Injury Attorneys Ask Drivers: Do You Need a Refresher on Basic Safety Skills?

Sunday, May 31st, 2015

One of the reasons there are so many accidents is that there are too many really bad drivers on the road. Are you one of them? Most people tend to think that they excel behind the wheel. But the reality is that too many of us have become too comfortable behind the wheel and have gotten sloppy when it comes to basic safety measures. To help ensure that you are not the cause of an accident, follow these basic safe driver tips:

  • Drive alcohol and drug free: Okay, so this is not rocket science, but drivers who are not impaired by alcohol and other drugs make much better drivers. Drugs, like alcohol can interfere with a driver’s ability to make good decisions on the road. Each year impaired drivers seriously injure and kill too many innocent individuals. Err on the side of caution and drive with a clear head.
  • Minimize or eliminate distractions: Distracted drivers are a top cause of accidents. Drivers who are talking on a cell phone or texting do not have their full attention on the road. If you do need to use a cell phone, have it be hands free or better yet, pull over to safe spot. By doing this you also set a great example for the “future drivers” in your car.
  • Both hands on the wheel at all times: If you need to swerve to miss a deer crossing the road or another vehicle who has suddenly come into your lane, you need both of your hands to do so. In a moment like this, a driver does not have time to put down a hot cup of coffee to make the necessary maneuver. Be smart and always drive with both hands on the wheel.
  • Allow plenty of time to make it to your destination: Whether you are headed to work or to an appointment give yourself enough time to make it to your destination. When a driver is under a time crunch to make it some place on time, he or she tends to take engage in accident causing behaviors. Driving too fast, following too closely behind, and failing to come to a complete stop can all lead to close-calls and of course, accidents.
  • Familiarize yourself with blind spots: Many times accidents are caused because the driver of one vehicle reports not being able to have seen the vehicle he or she hit. One reason a driver could not see another vehicle is because the car he or she hit was in his or her blind spot. It is especially critical to be aware of blind spots when driving around semi-tractor trailers. Remember, if you cannot see a driver’s mirrors, he or she likely cannot see you.
  • Make three checks before your leave: Every driver should check three things before they even leave their driveway. First, check your car to make sure all things are in working order and that that seat and mirrors are adjusted properly. Second, check your route to see if you can avoid any unnecessary traffic congestion or construction. Lastly, make a check of the weather to see if any severe weather could impact your trip.
  • Drive with a calm, cool and well-rested head: Your best safety measure is you. If you are suffering from fatigue or a case of road rage, you are not in the best mental shape to hit the road. You do not have to be a NASCAR driver to realize that driving takes a lot out of a person. Be physically and mentally prepared to hit the road.

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Kansas City Personal Injury Attorneys Discuss: How Safe Are Your Children This Summer?

Friday, May 1st, 2015

The school year is almost complete. This is great news for children, but can leave many parents scrambling to find safe activities to keep their children occupied all summer long. Fortunately, many area churches and youth organizations offer both day and overnight camps. These camps promise plenty of fun and exciting adventures for kids of all ages. However, one thing parents should be concerned about before signing his or her child up for a camp is how the child will be transported to and from activities. Many camps rely on 15 passenger vans to shuffle kids from pools to parks and back to camp again. However, every year, these handy vans are involved in serious wrecks.

How do these accidents occur? While 15 passenger vans can be a safe mode of transportation, there are several key mistakes that are easily made by improperly trained staff members, which can quickly lead to serious accidents. The following are five of the biggest mistakes that contribute to passenger van accidents:

  1. Improper loading of the van: A passenger van that is not loaded properly can greatly affect the van’s overall stability. If the van is holding cargo, it is critical that it is placed in front of the rear axle. Vans should also be used to only carry passengers and cargo, not to tow items.
  2. Exceeding van capacity: One of the features of a passenger van that contribute to accidents is the vehicle’s high center of gravity. This makes the vans more prone to rollover type accidents. The van’s center of gravity also becomes higher as the van reaches passenger or load capacity. Therefore, it is key that these van do not exceed the recommended number of passengers or cargo weight. Overloading these vans not only increases the risk of a rollover accident, but also makes these vehicles much more unstable to maneuver.
  3. Not enforcing passenger safety belt usage: Since passenger vans are more likely to be involved in rollover accidents, it is of the utmost importance that all passengers wear their seat belts. Too often people assume that these vans afford the same safety features of a school bus and thus little attention is made to whether safety buckles are worn by all passengers. Studies estimate that passengers of these vans who are not wearing their seat belts at the time of an accident are three times more likely to be killed than passengers who are properly fastened.
  4. Failure to properly maintain the vehicle: Failure to properly maintain any vehicle can lead to accidents. However, with passenger vans this oversight can be downright deadly. For example, van tires than are not inflated to the correct pressure can contribute to rollover accidents. The scary part is that it is estimated that half of all passenger vans have at least one tire that is not properly inflated.
  5. Overall driver inexperience: Since these vans are much larger and wider than standard cars and SUVs it is imperative that the driver of the van has proper experience and/or training. A driver that does not know how to safely maneuver a passenger van can greatly increase the risks of the vehicle being involved in an accident.

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