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Stay Safe on the Road this Holiday Season: 16 Tips for Spotting Drunk Drivers

Friday, November 28th, 2014

For many Americans, the holiday season means packing up the family and hitting the open road. Some people head to Grandma’s house for a festive holiday dinner, while others venture out to the country in search of the perfect Christmas tree. Wherever, your holiday plans take you this season, the most important thing is to make it to your destination safely.

While you may be a safe and sober driver, it is important to remember that you are not alone on the roadways this holiday season. Unfortunately, too many motorists choose to drink and drive, which not only puts into jeopardy their own lives, but the lives of other people on the roadways. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), in 2012 more than 10,000 people were killed in crashes involving an alcohol-impaired driver. To put this statistic into perspective, alcohol-related crashes account for close to 1 in every 3 traffic-related deaths.

To make sure that you and your family stay safe on the roadways this holiday season, you need to be vigilant while driving. If you know what to look for, you can better spot a drunk driver. The following are signs that a motorist may be intoxicated:

  • Erratic braking.
  • Weaves in and out of lanes.
  • Drives at a rate much slower than the posted speed limit (usually more than 10 mph).
  • Makes an illegal turn.
  • Fails to come to a complete stop at a red light or stop sign.
  • Almost hits another vehicle or object, such as the curb.
  • Drives in the dark without his or her headlights on.
  • Follows too closely behind other vehicles.
  • Signals improperly.
  • Swerves or drifts in the lane.
  • Turns abruptly.
  • Drives on the wrong side of the road.
  • Straddles the center lane.
  • Drives into oncoming traffic.
  • Speeds.
  • the inability to maintain a steady rate of speed (quick acceleration followed by sudden deceleration).

If you believe that a motorist on the road with you is intoxicated, it is important to act quickly. First, make sure that you are driving defensively. Now is not the time to engage in any maneuvers that may be deemed “aggressive” by the intoxicated driver. Second, get out of the way of the driver that you believe is intoxicated. If the intoxicated driver is behind you, pull over to the side of the road or let him or her pass. If the driver is in front of you, slow down and try to stay as far away from him or her as possible. Third, you need to report this driver. Call 911 and let the operator know that you believe a motorist is driving drunk. Be prepared to tell the 911 operator your location; a complete description of the car, including the make, model, license plate, and color of the car; and the behaviors that led you to believe that the driver is intoxicated.

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How to Choose the Best Medical Malpractice Attorney for Your Case

Saturday, November 1st, 2014

Unfortunately, medical malpractice occurs much too often in the United States. Each year, patients are injured or killed as the result of:

  • missed, wrong or delayed diagnosis;
  • medication errors;
  • surgery errors;
  • anesthesia errors; and
  • errors made during childbirth or while the woman was pregnant.

After a devastating injury caused by a medical professional, it is of vital importance that you hire a skilled medical malpractice attorney to help you. A qualified medical malpractice attorney can make sure that you receive the proper compensation for your injuries. When searching for the best medical malpractice attorney to handle your case, look for an attorney who is:

  • Experienced: Find an attorney that has significant experience handling medical malpractice cases. Do not select an attorney that only handles personal injury cases. Medical malpractice cases are unique from other types of injury cases and as such, require an attorney who has vast experience handling this specialized type of case.
  • Dedicated: Medical malpractice cases are often quite complex and require extensive investigation. Look for a medical malpractice attorney who is genuinely interested in your case, and who is willing and able to dedicate the necessary time and energy into resolving it.
  • Courtroom Savvy: While many medical malpractice cases settle out of court, this does not mean that courtroom experience is not important. Rather the complete opposite is true. You want to seek out an attorney that is courtroom savvy. Not only will he or she be better able to serve you in the courtroom in the event your case does go to trial, his or her courtroom experience will also serve you well if your case settles.  An attorney with a reputation for being an aggressive advocate in the courtroom has a better likelihood of obtaining a better settlement offer than an attorney who is not well-versed in the courtroom.
  • Successful: The process of hiring a medical malpractice attorney is much like finding the right surgeon. If you are about to undergo triple bypass heart surgery, you want to find a surgeon who is not only experienced in the area of heart surgeries, but who also has successfully completed a good number of surgeries. The same advice is true when it comes to searching for a medical malpractice attorney. Experience is very important, but you also want to find someone with a proven track record of success.
  • Worthy of your trust: Meeting with a prospective medical malpractice attorney is an important step in the process of finding the right attorney to handle your case. At this initial consultation, you will get the opportunity to talk to the attorney about your case and ask him or her questions. Use this initial consultation to determine whether you trust this attorney with your case. Often times this is just a gut feeling. However, if your gut tells you yes AND he or she meets the other criteria listed above, then you likely found the right attorney for your case.

When coping with a serious injury or the loss of a loved, the process of searching for the best Kansas City Medical Malpractice Attorney to represent you can seem like a formidable task. If you or a loved one suffered harm after a medical procedure or surgery, the attorneys at Hubbard & Kurtz, L.L.P. can help. We invite you to schedule a free and completely confidential consultation with one of our seasoned Medical Malpractice Attorneys. Contact Hubbard & Kurtz, L.L.P. today at (816) 472-4673. At Hubbard & Kurtz, L.L.P., our attorneys will work hard to make sure that you receive the justice and compensation you deserve.